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Put That Stalking Cap On


Our mundane lifestyle has led us to a cave of boredom and it seems that there is no way out. But, not in the case of our beloved Hollywood celebrities! While most of us choose to lie on our beds during our free time or weekends, these celebs are busy enjoying life and making the most out of it. So in case you are looking for motivation and positivity in life, this weekly article is something that you need to start following.


1. Neil Patrick Harris was a little late to wish world siblings day, but he wished his two adorable kids anyway.


2. Zac Efron has challenged his Baywatch co-star The Rock with the #SloMoChallenge. We have to wait and see how Rock responds to this one.


3.  So now we know that when John Mayer isn’t making music, he is choreographing with the pandas. Cute.


4.  Scott Eastwood shared with his fans a riveting featurette from his recently released action flick Fast And The Furious.


5.  The Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo is having a great time with the kittens on national pet day.


6.  The Rock is pumped with beasty intentions as he is all set to ride this humongous truck.

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