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Put That Stalking Cap On!

Our mundane lifestyle has led us to a cave of boredom and it seems that there is no way out. But not in the case of our beloved Hollywood celebrities. While most of us choose to lie on our beds during our free time or weekends, these celebs are busy enjoying life and making the most out of it. So in case you are looking for motivation and positivity in life, this weekly article is something that you need to start following.


Katherine Heigl enjoyed some ‘me’ time being pampered at her mom’s house in LA! What fun…



Vanessa Hudgens caught up with her best pals and had a ball!



Chris Pratt had a wonderful stay in Hawaii and even dressed accordingly.



Kevin Hart literally buried his kids in the sand, on the beach! Whoa, that’s interesting.



Liam Hemsworth decided to flex his muscles in a really… And I mean really short shorts! Not that we are complaining… cheeky



Patrick Adams was super excited about shooting the 100th episode of Suits! Now that’s something to be celebrated, right?


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