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[Spoiler Free – Mini Review]

If you enjoyed Shazam! last week and are awaiting a treat this week with Hellboy then you are actually in for a rollercoaster. The previous night I tried to read through some articles and videos online to get a better background on Hellboy since I knew none but let me begin by saying you need not know any specifics to go to this movie (why, more on this later).

If Shazam was, All play and no work; Hellboy makes for exactly the opposite, All work and no play. The movie starts with a rollercoaster ride of sequences that will take you through the present and the past. The present includes what is going on clearly and well, the past tells up everything we have missed about Hellboy that we need to know and have not over the years. About his creation, to his existence, to his current day struggles.

There are a couple of laughter moments in the movie here and there (and you need to be very sharp and clever to pick them up) but well, this is not a comedy flick after all.



Hellboy means business. Period. For a major part of the movie he is chasing off giants and demons and giant hunters amongst the rest until he has self-realization on what is the correct thing to do with his ongoing life. Talking of which we would like to mention that some children (if you decide to take them along) might feel uncomfortable with some of the sequences as well.

The CGI is top notch and one of the main reasons we recommend this movie to be seen at a good screen. We had our mobiles pulled out running Shazam (not the superhero, but the app) to help identify a catchy music score as well. The background score is fantastic as well and the movie overall is loud and filled with action.

Over the period of the movie, you feel as if you have been rushed through a lot of information from start to the end and that kind of makes you want to keep holding on to your seat, not wanting to miss anything out after-all.

If you are in for some serious loud action, some gore, fantastic music (along with your fantastic partners and friends or whoever) then we recommend you go see Hellboy as it makes a great cinema watch.




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