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Unbox The Truth

There’s a famous saying that no one can understand a woman! And let me tell you that, it’s partially true! While we women often complicate things for ourselves, we wish guys were smart enough to understand subtle hints. Nonetheless, here’s what you need to know to be totally sure what we mean when we say it…



1.“I’m fine.”

She is not at all fine. Try and coax her into telling you what’s bothering her. She will definitely appreciate the effort.




2.“Do what you want.”

Never, and I mean never do what you want! This is more of a threat and a challenge than a supportive statement. Always ask her opinion and then move forward.




Run away because she is majorly pissed with you about something. There’s no reason that a girl would message you ‘k’ unless she wants you to ask her what’s wrong and then she will parade you for it!





When she says nothing is wrong, technically everything is wrong! Nothing invariably means everything. Get that?




5.“I’m not hungry right now.”

What they mean is that they are dying of hunger and want you to order something interesting right away. In fact, they want to you coax them into eating more. :P *secret revealed*




6.“We need to talk.”

It may sound serious but actually, she would want to talk about something that may be irrelevant to you. cheeky




7.“Five minutes”

Let’s accept it, five minutes is equal to half an hour. This has been the case through generations.  




8.“You don’t have to do anything for me.”

She may not want you to do anything but she would definitely love it if you do. J It’s the gesture that matters and not what you do.




9.“I’m not angry.”

She’s fuming with rage… Just try and sort out her issues as soon as possible.



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