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Deepika Padukone & Alia Bhatt Graced The Couch

Koffee With Karan returns with its sixth season and a record 113 episodes have been shot till now. The show has been the longest running English language show on Indian television.

The first episode of the sixth season saw the super star actresses Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt grace the couch and take on KJo with his questions and the most anticipated rapid fire.

Here are some of the best moments according to us from the debut episode of Season 6

1) Karan Johar sarcastically comments and introduces a new word, Nepospasm, explaining it as a pain that he gets everytime he hears the word nepotism.

2)  Karan finally wishes to break the ice and talk about the elephant in the room, offcourse Ranbir Kapoor had to be part of the conversation which includes his present and past love life. The duo handled it well and were true professionals.

3) Deepika does her best and changes the topic of her wedding date. She finally made it public yesterday on her social media.

4) Karan and Alia expalin the story behind the photo which went viral. The photo saw Aamir Khan, Srk, Ranbir, Ranveer, KJo, Deepika, Alia all together.

During the convo Alia also stated how Ranveer calls her Lulu and she calls him Tutu in return.


5) Karan starts a segment where we get to see what Deepika and Alia post about their personal life on Instagram with Karan asking for an explanation on the image and comments.

Karan on Ranveer's comments on Deepika's image.


Karan asks Alia about the famous couple image and how she keeps on removing Ayan Mukherji out of the pics.


6) Deepika Padkone recollects an experience on how she and Alia entered a men's bathroom during a Coldplay concert since the women's line was too big.


7) Alia on whether she sees Ranveer, Ranbir, Deepika and herself go on a vacation together.


8) The show starts with the first game segment which saw Alia lead and end the segment with an unexpected burp, which led into a burst of laughter. 


9) The most anticipated rapid fire round saw the duo answer questions on Ranveer, Ranbir and their co-stars from the industry. There was only one winner though, guess who?

10) The show ended with a new game which KJo stated as a 'game bang' and the looser of the rapid fire a chance to redeem themselves. The game 'not without my phone' saw them answer questions, call a co-star and even upload a pic on the spot to see who gets the max likes before the show ends. 


Find out who won the rapid fire and the final game along with loads of gossip and laughter in the full episode here.

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