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No One Can Replace Her

Deepika Padukone in the past has effortlessly delivered characters which have gone ahead to become memorable. The actress has a long-lasting impact on the audience with her fictional characters like Shanti Priya from Om Shanti Om, Veronica from Cocktail, Minamma from Chennai Express or a rooted girl from Piku.

Here are reasons why no one other than Bollywood's leading lady Deepika can ace the role of Goddess queen.


1. Powerful Actor

Deepika is known for her diverse body of work. The actress has aced the act of culturally linked roles like Minamma from South, Piku from Bengal, Leela as Rajputana. Deepika has perfectly slipped into the accents of her role with exceptional expressions. The actress had shared a strong screen space as a debutant in Om Shanti Om which raked in a lot of appreciation for her. Deepika has mesmerized the masses with her acting prowess and now playing the goddess would be yet another feather in her hat.


2. Most Beautiful

Right from Om Shanti Om to Bajirao Mastani, Deepika has captivated millions of hearts with her beauty. The actress is also touted to be the hottest Asian women. How Rani Padmavati was one of the epitome of beauty and who else other than Deepika would be able to step in the shoe of this character.  




3. Royal stature

The actress has perfect grace and royal elegance. Right from her height to her body frame, everything seems to be just perfect.


4. Superstardom

Since Padmaavat was one of the biggest projects of 2017 the movie also demanded an actress who is known for her popularity amongst the audience. Deepika being one of the actors who is known for their superstardom is the perfect choice for the film. 




5. The Warrior Princess

Having played the role of a princess once before, she really knows what she’s doing. With the role of a real-life character of Mastani, she played a warrior princess and nailed the act.

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