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Find Out Why He Said That!

Akshay Kumar is all set with the release of his upcoming film Jolly LLB 2. To promote the same, the actor turned up on the Aap Ki Adalat show. As we all know, anchor Rajat Sharma plays a disciplinarian and doesn't let anything go by. Similarly for Akshay, he asked some very personal questions, but he cracked us up with this interesting comebacks. 

There's a common notion among the industrywala's that Akshay is a superb commercial actor and is good at action, but he apparently doesn't act well. Even Mahesh Bhatt had said the same once. When Rajat asked this on his show, Akki said, "He is totally right. I was good at action but not acting." However, when asked if after about 25 years of acting, he still feel the same, he said, "If you judge my acting skills by the awards that I have won, then no, I am not a good actor. That's true. Organizers have asked me to perform at award nights. They said that they would pay me half the price and they would also give me an award. I replied saying, 'You pay me the whole amout and keep your award.'"

Now, that's an apt reply... What say? laugh

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