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Tu To Gayi Kaam Se, Katy Perry




You know one particular thing we Indians are good at? Simple dumbo, it’s getting offended (hope this doesn’t offend you cheeky). First we uninstalled SnapChat because someone misquoted its CEO terming India as a ‘poor country’. Then Sonu Nigam got bashed on the internet for his thoughts on religious prayers on loudspeakers. And now it’s time for pop singer Katy Perry to have some spicy curry in her life, but not in a good way.

The 32-year-old singer recently posted a picture of Maa Kali on her Instagram account with the caption ‘current mood’.



And within no time, sparks fumed as the Indian internet started bombarding her post with you-did-a-great-offence-to-our-culture/religion/gods-goddesses-type comments.


@gold_dancergirl Um ok? No hate but plz respect our goddess? You would hate it if we started using ur religious symbols like this so don't do it to us.....culture appropriation



@saju_sajeesh OMG I can't believe this, out of all pictures in this world you got this picture to represent your mood. Why did you do that? I loved everything about you, you where like angel to me but I didn't expect this from you. Even if you where not rude to religion or you where joking, many Indians have hard to digest it. With this just one post you lost many fans, sorry Katy better come up with good explanation.


@obulirajz It's our Indian god .....don't use it


@rocking_aadhi_007 Don't Do This Type Of Things...Grow Up.


@anezha33 angryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangry


But not everyone was taking Katy’s case, some were in her favor as well.


Apekshapalia Stop abusing her she didn't said anything bad about this picture or to the goddess even am an indian this picture of maa durga abusing a women you not respecting your god as well get some life respect women not abuse her sadsad sadonly seeing a picture you people just over reacting that's it .



@latika72 Jai maata di

@anand_n_arinator MAI MATA DI heartheartheartheart


So whose favor are you in? Do let us know in the comments section.

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