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His Other Mind-blowing Roles Apart From The Iconic Professor X

Yes, it true that Scottish actor James McAvoy as Professor X from the X Men film franchise has been deeply rooted in our hearts forever. It is actually quite difficult to see any other actor apart from James playing X if in future any X Men spinoff is made. But what we definitely know is that James is a versatile actor and has also played some exceptional characters in his career before, during and after X Men films.

Here are other 5 significant performances by James McAvoy that are as appreciating as his famous Professor X character.

1.  The Last King Of Scotland

Though Forest Whitaker won an Oscar for best actor playing brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the film, James’ performance as Dr. Nicholas Garrigan, Idi’s personal physician was equally noteworthy.




2.  Filth

One of McAvoy’s most vigorous performances so far where he plays a drug infused, scheming and corrupt policeman who finds his life faltering as he desperately tries to get a promotion and at the same time win back the love of his wife and his daughter.




3.  Wanted

In this action-packed film, James Wesley Gibson is recruited by a secret society of assassins, which his father was once a part of and is trained by the society’s head played by Morgan Freeman.




4.  Victor Frankenstein

James reprises the iconic role of scientist Victor Frankenstein in this sci-fi thriller that also stars Daniel Radcliffe.




5.  The Conspirator

Here, we see McAvoy getting into the boots of lawyer Frederick Aiken, a significant figure in the US history, who defended Mary Stuart, the lone female convict to supposedly participate in the conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln.



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