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Talks About The Khans!

We all know that actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her terrific roles. If you guys remember, during her movie Queen, she had also received a letter from Amitabh Bachchan where he had praised for her performance.

Also, when we talk about the Tanu Weds Manu Returns actress, she is like the Khans who have given so many solo hits. So recently during her upcoming movie Rangoon’s promotions, she was asked about being compared with the Khans - Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir. She said, “They have a huge body of work, and experience of many decades. I hope when I'm their age, I'd also have. It's not that I don't aspire to be there, I can also brag about that sort of connect with audiences and they try very hard to do that. It can only happen step by step, because there are billions of people. To connect with billions of people, they say like Rome wasn't built in a day. So, it's not one film that does it. It's gradual work and I'm sure at some point, I will do it. But right now, I can't say that I'm as big as them.”



Further, when she was asked if she thinks many actors in the industry are hesitant to work with an actress who has given some solo hits, she replied, “When I did Queen and all, I used to get a lot of offers to do big hero films. But then, I stayed away from them. It's not that only they're hesitant, I know it's very hesitant to be in a space where all of a sudden I lose everything that I've earned. I think it works both ways. I still get a lot of offers to work with big stars, but definitely they have the central character. No superstar has offered to do a small role in my film.”

Point taken, Kangana. 

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