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Check Out His Look From The Film

Television star Karanvir Bohra will be seen portraying a young Rajiv Gandhi in the short film Ijjazat, based on the love story between Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Karanvir in a recent press statement regarding his role mentioned, “It’s a tribute to Sonia and Rajiv Ji’s love story, but its fiction. Neither does it have any political agenda nor is it an attempt to grab eyeballs. It is a simple story which is made to create a different content for audience.”

He added, “It is a tribute to love & peace worldwide. I am an actor and my job is to act but sometimes you come across an idea and you don’t want to wait for someone to back it. This is one such product, may be few year ago it would have been difficult to take such step. But now, thanks to the growing reach of internet, it is easy to showcase one’s creativity so I took this step. I’ve always been fascinated with classic love stories of the 50’s and the 60’s. They don’t write such stories or make such movies anymore.”


Check out his look from Ijjazat shared by Sanjeeda on twitter.



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