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They All Look Fabulous

‘What to wear, what not to wear’ has been one of the trickiest questions of our life. But guess what, our Hollywood celebs do not need to go through this process, because they have a clear idea of what they want. Perhaps that’s why they look like a million bucks, no matter what they wear. So to make you look gorgeous just like them, I’ll collate some of the best looks of Hollywood actors every week. This will help you get inspired while letting you keep an eye on current trends.

This week, we bring you some of the best dressed celebs from the Cannes Film Festival 2016.


So let’s get started.


1. Jamie Foxx is looks funky in his panama hat paired with stylish sunglasses and plain white shirt and cool sneakers. Just try not to look at the Bugatti.



2. Elizabeth Hurley always gives us fashion-fueled beachwear goals and this simple little white dress looks stunning on her.



3. Eva Mendes’ leafy shift dress looks as refreshing as the woman herself.



4. Carmen Electra’s St. Patrick Day special outfit makes her appear like the green fairy.



5. Katie Holmes looks absolutely stunning in her kurta-inspired one piece.



6. Reese’s St. Patrick Day outfit is bright and pleasant, just like her nature.



7. Eva Longoria’s spring collection is fresh and totally new.



8. Demi Lovato’s pink sleeveless maxi dress compliments her athletic physique.


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