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The Duo Are Loads Of Fun

Koffee With Karan Season 6 Episode 11 saw the debut for cricketers Hardik Pandya and K.L Rahul on the show. It also was the first time that KJo's show had two cricketers on the couch. Pandya and Rahul both good buddies were at their wittiest and most honest a they answered the contrvoversial questions with ease.

Here are some of the best moments from the episode according to us:

1) Rahul describing the time his mother found a condom in his wallet and got his dad to give him a sounding but all things ended well as his dad took his step positively and gave him some much needed advice.


2) Padya described his relationship with his family and stated that he is open about everything to them, even told them the day he lot his virginity, with full confidence.


3) Pandya described his schooling days, which including him leaving exam papers empty and how he finally got tired and gave up post the ninth grade.


4) KJo got a shock when he found out that there were instances when people thought Rahul & Pandya were together, in literal sense as a couple.


5) Pandya stated that he sent the same message to multiple girls, his reason being he felt the same way emotionally for all of them. Lol !


6) Hardik stated that he likes spanking his other team mates in the dressing room just for fun. Not everyone likes it, but it gives him a buzz. 


7) Rahul during one of the questions in the rapid fire stated how he wished there was a rumour of him & Katrina dating since Kat is his lady crush from the film industry.


8) Pandya was pretting open about his life during the rapid fire & mentioned how having a lube in his closet is the most embarassing thing for him.

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The rapid fire round was followed by the quiz which saw one of them ace the other & win the prize. Rahul & Pandya were pretty vocal about their answers and did not hesitate to answer questions from cricket or Bollywood.

Get to know which cricketer outplayed the other & who won the rapid fire hamper.

You can watch the exciting full episode here.

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