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First Time Together On The Koffee Couch

Karan Johar finally broke all hoax rumours when he announced that he would be having Kajol and Ajay Devgn on the show as guests. KJo started the show by stating how special his relation was with Kajol and how one bad chapter in their life shouldn't ruin their friendship, which has lasted for almost three decades.

Here are some of the special moments according to us as the special Bollywood couple graced the couch.

1. Karan and Kajol wanted to get rid of the white elephant in the room and made it public about how a certain bad chapter in their lives saw them not talking to each other. The duo, friends for more than 3 decades finally got together when Kajol broke the ice on her birthday where she invited Karan as well. 


2. Ajay describes Kajol's shopping obsession and how she is simple at heart when it comes to buying clothes online or at a local shop in the city. The actress did state that she makes an exception for special occassions and functions.


3. The couple stated what its like to be celebrity parents of two children and how Ajay being the obsessive parent is super caring about his teenage daughter.


4. The famous rapid fire round saw Ajay give one of the best lines on the show so far which also got a compliment from Kajol herself. The winner was decided and you can watch it in the full episode below.


5. The episode concluded with the quiz round which saw Ajay give a wrong answer and Kajol go hilariously crazy on him. The couple proved how un-social they are as they ended it with a great laugh.

The seventh episode saw something typically different from the normal gossip, it saw two people rekindle their relation and make it public on how they remain one of the best friends in the industry.

Watch the full episode here.

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