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For It’s The Best Medicine In The World

Okay peeps. It’s not World Laughter Day today. It’s usually celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. But does that mean we cannot laugh on the other days? No, right? Well, that’s exactly the reason why I wrote this article. You don’t need a dedicated day to laugh and spread world peace. So all the peeps who are reading this right now take a chill pill and get ready to get your funny bones tickled with some good comedy.


1. Here’s Mehmood Ali nailing the art of storytelling. 




2. Tun Tun gets you high every time, just like Whiskey.




3. This is a blast from the past, watch the epic Mahabharata unfold like never before.



4. Crime master Gogo. Naam toh suna hi hoga.




5. It’s a fight, fight kind of day with Paresh Rawal.




And here are some epic all-time favorites too!


6. Bombay To Goa: a journey to remember. 




7. R.I.P. Flying




8. For Munna Bhai outsourcing is the way!



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