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Paying Him An Unforgettable Tribute

Today, 8th February, marks the 77th birth anniversary of the man who made Ghazals synonyms with romance in India. On this special occasion, a seven cities musical concert has been planned to pay tribute to the Maestro starting with Mumbai on 8th.

A special pack of a beautiful coffee table book, a DVD of never seen before footage from his Paris concert and a documentary called Kaagaz Ki Kashti based on Jagjit Singh’s life, made by Brahmanand Singh will be launched for Jagjit Singh's fans.The documentary also has people like Gulzar Sahab, Subhash Ghai and Jagjit Singh’s wife Chitra sharing anecdotes about the maestro’s life.


Speaking on the same,Bharmanand Singh, the man who is behind this effort to organize the 7 cities musical concert stated, “While Jagjit was a man of depth and gravitas, he never took himself seriously. This is a small effort to pay a humble tribute to him. The book celebrates his life, music, success, failure, the pain and personal tragedies in all its glory, told through photographs and unheard of anecdotes.”  

The evening is aimed to recreate and reinterpret the maestro's immortal, soulful and rare ghazals celebrating and bringing out the very essence of the magic created by Jagjit Singh.



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