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As you might be aware, Nimrat Kaur is starring in a new web series called ‘The Test Case’. Apart from other things, the series also deals with sexism.



When asked how we can tackle sexism, the actress said, “I would like to start with the fact that we live in a man’s world. Let’s not fool ourselves about that. It’s a world where the male population is more dominant than the female population. So anyway we (women) are standing behind the starting line. So if we know that this is the reality we have to tackle, then all we need to do as women is empower ourselves with education, while making sure that we get the opportunities that we deserve based on our capability. I think every man and woman should be dealt with equality when it comes to a job. That does not mean that a woman should get special privileges just because she is a woman or a man should be considered over a woman because he is a man. We should look at skillset for any job, anywhere. Capability is what ranks before being a man or a woman.”

She further added, “As far as sexism is concerned, the way to eradicate that is to not acknowledge it, and to make sure nothings stops you from achieving your dreams as a woman.”

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