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Sometimes The Easiest Things Turn Out To Be Most Difficult

A laidback weekend, a chilled bottle of beer and your laptop next to downloading that movie you'd wanted to watch ever since; sounds pretty blissful, doesn't it?

Turns out it isn’t easy to achieve as relaxed a movie watching experience as this. The seemingly simple joy that most people think a weekend movie to be can actually be quite an exasperating reality to achieve. There are only so many obstacles that come in the way of you and your movie weekend that you almost feel the universe is conspiring against you, punishing you for something evil you did in the past. Lets see how.

1. When you're trying to download a movie on BitTorrent, but the internet goes down


2. And you call customer care to fix the issue and they put you on an ETERNAL HOLD


3. When everything finally seems to be functional, your girlfriend decides to call and pick up a fight with you for no apparent reason.


4. Just when you're about to hit PLAY your laptop runs out of battery and you can't remember where you kept the charger


5. Finally when you manage to find the charger, your landlord shows up and becomes the intruder you so dreaded


6. A seemingly great weekend ends with him hopping next to you on that couch becoming the uninvited partner€ to your movie watching incident!


(All illustrations by Sangram Chatterjee)

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