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Director Neeraj Vora breathed his last today morning after being in a coma for close to a year. The director had suffered a major heart attack and fallen into a coma. Neeraj was staying at Firoz Nadiadwala's house through his coma and breathed his last at 3am today while being admitted at Criti Care hospictal in Juhu.

Director Ashok Pandit confirmed the news, stating, Neeraj Vora died today at 3 am in Criti Care hospital in Juhu. He had been in coma and living at Firoz Nadiadwala’s place. When his condition deteriorated in the night, he was taken to the hospital, where he breathed his last.

The last rites will be held today at 3pm in Santacruz.

We extedn our condolence to friends and family of Neeraj during these tough times.

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