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The Director Opens Up At The Trailer Launch Of His Upcoming Film


Actor-filmmaker Rahul Bose is all set to transform a historic real life event into reel. The trailer launch of Rahul’s upcoming film Poorna was graced by the film’s producers along with lead actress Aditi Inamdar and composers Salim-Sulaiman. Poorna is based on a 13-year-old Indian girl's thrilling Mount Everest expedition. Even the real life Poorna and her father were present at the event. 

This movie is Rahul's second directorial venture. During the media interaction, Rahul spoke about his experience while shooting the film. He is also confident about the film and thinks that Poorna will surely be a box office hit. Rahul said, "This is going to be a very big movie commercially, I can bet on that. So, I never had this doubt. When I first got the script, I felt ashamed that I hadn’t heard about Poorna before. We talk about P. V. Sindhu, Dipika Karmakar, Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal, which is great but no one knows about this incredible story of Poorna. I felt this is a phenomenal story. If a Bollywood scriptwriter said, ‘I am writing about a girl who is 13-year-old and climbed Mt Everest,’ people around him would have said, ‘Be a little reasonable, at least make her age 16!’ So, I knew this was a winner. As a producer, I knew this. When I met Amit Patani (co-producer) he was convinced in two meetings. So we never had doubts."

Poorna also has some unreleased footages from the 2014 Everest expedition. So when Rahul was questioned about acquiring the rights of several expedition footages of Mt. Everest that were used in the movie he replied, "We have some 70 shots from the summit. Those shots are unreleased shots in the history of Everest expeditions. The 2014 expedition, of which we got the footage, had one Indian, Hemant Sachdev. Before us, he had turned down a lot of producers. But when we explained how we were going to shoot the film, he got convinced and shared those shots."

Poorna will release on March 31, 2017.


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