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Love His Candidness!

Ranbir Kapoor has always been a coy person in real life. Though his films portray him like an actor who has his shit together, he has always been a kind of mystery to everyone and seemed to be coy. At least, that's what we thought of him till he opened up and poured his heart out in a recent actor. Ranbir really stumped us when he spoke about a few topics and instances that you may have never heard about from him. Check out some noteworthy quotes from his recent interview:


On nepotism's existance in Bollywood.

"I am a disarming product of it." He straight up spoke about what everyone thinks! 


On working with Anurag Basu for 4 years on Jagga Jasoos.

"It's disorganised chaos. There is no AD (Assistant Director) system, there is no script. There is no schedule. He (Anurag) will cancel a 40 day schedule on the 3rd day because he feels that is it not working. When Barfi! started, the character that I was playing was supposed to be very intense and serious. After 10 days he suddenly comes to me and says, 'yaar mazaa nahi aa raha hai. yeh bohot serious film ho rahi hai, let's try and make it more fun.' And that's when the (Charlie) Chaplin and all started coming in. So that is how he is. See, now the thing is that Barfi! was successful, so we forgive that process. If Jagga Jasoos doesn't work, I don't think it can be forgiven, because it is irresponsible. For other people's time, money and other producers waiting for you. Basu has two different processes, because of his music and his CG and all completely change the  film. So, I'm very happy I have produced this film, I don't know much about me acting in the film."




On his 1st kiss.

"It was in the 7th standard." That too, with his girlfriend, whom he thought he was in love with! Whoa!


On being single.

"The thing is I have never been single in my life. Since the age of 13. Till now, like last year, I have always been in a relationship. This is the first time I am actually single, and it's amazing. You have lot of time for yourself."


On being opposite to his father, Rishi Kapoor, who honestly tweets about everything.

"I'm quite a hypocrite. If they ask me to talk about any political thing, or anything controversial, I will give the most hypocrtical answer, in a well-left kind of a way."




On his confession of having a drinking problem

"I have a drinking problem because drinking is fun. I am in the visual world, so I have to look good, and I can't drink while I am working. But, because of Jagga Jasoos and the time it took, there were lot of free days. And in my free days I realised, that I am a loner and when I am sitting at home, I drink. And then it hit me that, I have a drinking problem in my family. So, I have to deal with it. Honestly, in my own family, there are so many health problems and so many things that they have to deal with, because of drinking. It's fun because you are young. It is fun to be high, and just relax and stuff, but eventually it is going to catch up. You are going to age faster, you are going to get unhealthy and fat. You are going to look bad. It is good to discover this very early in your life."


On banning Koffee With Karan 

"I was forced to come this season. I told him (Karan Johar), that I don't want to come. Anushka (Sharma) and I were actually going to protest and get the entire film industry together to stop this. It is not fair. He is making money out of us, we come (on the show) and we get screwed through the year. And it is not right."




You can watch the interview here and here

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