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Can't Contain The Excitement

We all know that Ranveer Singh is all set to play a rapper in his next film Gully Boys with Zoya Akhtar! While the actor believes in prepping up for his roles, we never expected that he would prep the way he is doing, to be a rapper! Word on the block is that he shot for a video with 4 young rappers. The video was shot in a parking lot that was converted into a set! Sounds interesting na?


A source close to the production said, “Ranveer personally sifted through thousands of entries in February to pick out the four rappers and has been working with them since March. He also sat in on the edits and contributed his creative inputs. He’s now being regarded as the co-creator.” Whoa, now that's definitely something awesome, isn't it? 

Furthermore, Anushka Manchanda, the co-produced and edited the track with her brother Shikhar told a leading publication, "Shikhar and I were constantly surprised by him (Ranveer) in the studio. As an editor, he lights up the screen for me. Most of the times, commercial music production houses and labels are afraid to back something unfamiliar. We wanted to shake things up, introduce new sounds that are breaking out around the world to our audience here. Ranveer was the perfect artiste for that. He constantly pushes the envelope."

Looks like we have another perfectionist in making, in Bollywood! smiley All the best Ranveer. Keep wowing us with your performances every single time...  

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