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They Have A Valid Point

Today, actor Ayushmann Khurrana and actress Parineeti Chopra were present at the launch of the song ‘Ye Jawaani Teri’ from their upcoming movie, Meri Pyaari Bindu. Both of them were in a very cheerful mood.The song ‘Ye Jawaani Teri’ is a quirky and a retro number, and both of them are slaying it!

During the launch, the house was open for media interaction where the duo were asked about the recent comment of singer Sonu Nigam made on the early morning Azaan. A tweet made by the singer has now created a controversy, and twitterati are leaving no stone unturned to bash Sonu. So when the Kill Dil actress was asked to comment on the same, she said, "I really feel every person has their opinion, how they want to share it...if they want to discuss it in their house or they have to write it on twitter, whatever they do I think it’s their opinion. I personally have no opinion on this. I am happy in my own life!"



When the same question was asked to the Vicky Donor actor, he replied, "I think that's the beauty of our nation! Aisi democracy me aap koi bhi opinion de sakte hai, koi bhi opinion le sakte hai. Aapko log negative bhi bol sakte, positive bhi bol sakte hai...phir bhi aap sab jee rahe hai! But of course I think being in public eye, it depends on you how you want to use that tool."

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