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He Was At His Candid Best!

Ever since, the gorgeous couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have welcomed their little bundle of joy, Taimur Ali Khan, the pictures of chote nawab have literally broken the internet. 

Out of all the star kids, Taimur is one of the most loved and papped kid in the industry today. The audiences and even the media always wait for one glimpse of him. His cuteness level is just beyond anything we have ever seen. Today, the daddy cool Saif was present at an event where he asked about Taimur getting papped every now and then, and he said, "I don't know! I am just saying that the world is a free market. There's a need for something, it is supplied. So, I think the press likes taking pictures and people are interested while reading, so it sells. How much what sells is open and there's a price tag on any kind of fame. Serious fame is usually earned."

Further when one of the journalists asked Saif that Taimur is already a star, so how does he see that, he quipped, "I will take his autograph (Laughs)."

The Rangoon actor was also asked about how does he manages to spend time with Taimur despite of the busy schedule. He said, "When I am working I'd like to do a 7-7 shift if I can. That's really good because I get to see him in the morning and when I get home I get to spend decent amount of time with him. If you shoot in the wrong shift, you don't get to see your children at all sometimes. In the earlier days, I remember senior actors telling me that they used to do so many shifts that they often didn't get to see the family for a long time. I think today we all have become more conscious of it now and we balance."

He further went on to add, "I am lucky we have some help at home. My wife and I try to balance it as much as we can so one of us is around always. I guess some people can't do that and I feel bad for them... It's all about the balance, which is the most important thing. How do your balance your professional and personal life and take the middle path."

Well, that's great! 

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