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Today, the autobiographical book of yesteryear's actress Asha Parekh, The Hit Girl was launched in Mumbai. The book is written by journalist turned author Khaalid Mohammed and it was launched by superstar Salman Khan. The foreword in the book is written by Salman himself.

The event was graced by many of Asha Ji's industry friends including Jeetendra, Dharmendra, Waheeda Rehman, Helen Khan, Jackie Shroff and from the current lot of actors including Imran Khan and Richa Chadda. Well, we must say the stage looked ecstatic with all the veteran superstars present to grace the event.



During the launch, when Salman was asked to say a few words for his dearest Asha aunty. He said, "Asha aunty, thank you very much! I don't deserve to be here. Paseene choot rahe hai mere (laughs)! Kya bolu... I think it's like a bravest thing for anyone to write their own autobiography. Mujhse toh life mein kabhi na ho!(laughs) I think Dharam ji will understand that (laughs)! We have known Asha Ji since we all were kids and she is very dear to us. Waheeda aunty and we live in the same compound, Helen aunty my mother and they all were so close which today's girls should understand that. Saira aunty, Shammi aunty, Sadhna aunty everyone have been really close! It's something that you have never seen. It is the best quality that that generation have and we have lost that quality. I am really pleased that I am here. You must buy the book and go buy the book because this generation has led the cleanest life possible, professionally and personally. So, it will be a book of values and principles that has the highs, the lows, the fun moments, and a whole career graft. I think this is something you must read because it will only elevate you as a person!"




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