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We Have Got The Truth

Ssharad Malhotra is a popular name in the television industry since the past few years. Having portrayed different kinds of characters in his decade long career in the industry, there’s no doubt about his acting prowess. While he is quite reserved about his life, there are few secrets that he has spilled over the time, on his Instagram account. Take a look at what they are.


1.He is a star wars and Iron man fanatic! He loves getting gifted with their merchandise.



2.He is very close to his sister and considers her as his inspiration and motivation in life.



3.He loves to be a kid at times! J Well, don’t we all wish to be kids again?



4.He loves animals dearly and calls this pug his ‘bundle of joy’ (let the caption remain)



5.And, he enjoys coffee dates as much as he enjoys good company!



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