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Ever since they god married, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput has been our favourite couple. They look fabulous together, but that’s not all. They are totally meant for each other and every time we spot them together, we are just in awe of them! While Mira recently gave birth to a baby girl, the doting father Shahid finally decided to open up about his biwi!




Even though there’s a huge age gap between Shahid and Mira, Shahid believes that they complete each other perfectly well. In an interview recently, he said, "In many ways I feel protected by Mira. Although she is young, she is self-assured. We talk about many things and she gives me interestingly different point of views, which I respect. Of course I am protective about everyone I love. But I feel equally protected. When you have somebody who loves you, around you, someone who is looking out for your best interests, it makes you feel safer."


Awww, aren’t they just the cutest?! 

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