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Shazam! – Boy just wants to have fun!

After the show we were in split worlds going through the story line. This superhero meant fun!  There are times in the movie you wonder, “Hey, what’s all this going on?” or rather “This is not what is supposed to happen” but that’s because Shazam is not after-all your serious run-of-the-mill superhero running on a timeline to save the world or like his counterparts defeating multiple enemies and overlooking or being overlooked by a team (hey! We love those as well but more on that later in the month shall we?). Many a times during the movie, with all the fun and the comedy here and there, we wondered if Deadpool and Shazam be related maybe (?)




The story runs typical, good hero vs bad villain types, as we all expect but all in a laid back, funny way. Zachary Levi fits into the character just perfectly and has a fantastic on-screen presence and in-character charm. Jack Dylan Grazer plays the main side-kick to the superhero in the movie, along with other on-screen character friends who build up the storyline in an amazing twist in the second half of the movie. The story of the villain, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (played by Mark Strong) also delivers a strong message in the movie on how elders shape the mind of a child. The movie showcases on how and why the superpowers were passed on to ‘Billy Batson’ and why exactly ‘Thaddeus Sivana’ was sour hearted and chasing the powers of Shazam!   


Fever Rating : 4 out of 5


Top 5 reasons to catch Shazam:


*Lighthearted, fun and entertaining

*This superhero means fun and business as usual

*Showcases the importance of adults shaping up the future of children and importance of foster care and family.

*Brings an all new meaning to – “With great power, comes great responsibility” and the fact that you need to be mature enough to channelize all that power in the correct way which comes with age.

*Last but not the least, if Shazam! can floss! so can you!





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