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All Praises For Govinda!


Actor Govinda is all set to make a grand comeback with his upcoming movie, Aa Gaya Hero. Yesterday, the actor was present at the trailer launch event with his wife Sunita and daughter Tina. The event was also graced by his close friends and former leading ladies, Shilpa Shetty and Manisha Koirala.


The Kill Dil's co-stars were seen praising him at the event. Manisha who worked with Govinda for the movie Maharaja said, "He is a phenomenal performer and a phenomenal actor. It's my honour and privilege that he's been my hero, someone whom I have always adored. Whether it's dancing, comedy, emotional scenes he is simply amazing! He is fantastic!"


Actress Shilpa further added to this and said, "Very few people know this, when I did Baazigar I didn't gave the screen test. But when I was supposed to do the first film with Chi Chi (Govinda) I was called for the screen test by the director. And at that time, Aankhen was released. I was a huge fan of Govinda! I was excited and nervous that I had to do the screen test with Govinda. And when he walked in, I can’t forget that thing. He was wearing a white dress and people out there were going crazy just for his autograph. And that was truly the title of this film and I was like 'Hero Aa Gaya!' I literally forgot all the dialogues during the screen test (laughs). Today, the compliments which I get from the people for my dancing its all because of him (Govinda). He was the one who taught me how to say the dialogues and everything."


She also spoke about a dance sequence from a movie where she had to dance with Govinda. "I was rehearsing and it was too hot there. Then Chi Chi comes, understands the dance steps.  He doesn't do the step, he emotes it! Now also when I was watching the song, I wasn't watching his dance, I just saw his face! He feels the song and energy. And I was not able to match up to him. He took me aside and said 'just feel the step' and right from that moment that's what I did! Today, while dancing anywhere I just think 'if Govinda hote toh kaise karte!' (If Govinda was here how would he perform?) And I do it! He is an excellent actor whom I have always admired."


In case you missed, here's the trailer of Aa Gaya Hero -



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