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The Jaanu’s Speak Out Their Minds!

Actress Shraddha Kapoor and actor Aditya Roy Kapur will soon be seen in the Mani Ratnam’s Tamil remake of Ok Kanmani which is titled as Ok Jaanu. The movie is directed by Shaad Ali and is all set to hit the theatres on January 13, 2017.


If you guys have seen the trailer, then you might be aware that the plot of the story is based on the concept of live-in relationship.


So recently at a media interaction, we got a chance to ask the jaanus about their views on the concept of live-in relationships. Aditya said, “I have never been in a live-in relationship before. I can't speak from experience so I am not aware about the pros and cons. But ya, I definitely feel that if I am in a relationship with someone and I want to live with them for a while, I don't see any reason why it can be a negative thing. I have a lot of friends who have been in successful live-in relationships and unsuccessful ones too. But, it definitely gets you closer to understand the person you are with. You get to know their habits. Sometimes it ends a relationship quicker than it would have might dragged on longer. So, it quickens the process either way. (Laughs) That's one thing that I really loved about the original film. It dealt with this subject without being too preachy and saying see how brash we are and show sex just for the sake of it. It's neither damning either side. It's not saying that marriage is a bad thing because you even get to see an older couple in a successful marriage in the film too. The film is not just about the two characters living in. Actually you are belittling the film by making it only about a live-in relationship.”




A few days back, there were rumours of the Ek Villain actress living-in with her alleged rumoured boyfriend Farhan Akhtar. But daddy Shakti Kapoor and Shraddha had cleared the air and placed all the speculations to the rest. So when she was asked about the live-in concept, she said, “I believe in 'live and let live'. If anybody is in a live-in relationship and they are happy, then that should be it. If people prefer not to, then whatever makes them happy. I just feel that nobody should get hurt in that bargain. Our film is very interestingly showcasing two perspectives of a live-in relationship. I think people will be entertained by it.”


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