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Expect Puns. A Lot Of Them.

We all know Siddhant Karnick as the hottie of the Indian television. But did you know that he’s an ardent biker who loves being punny? Well, in other words, Siddhant Karnick is a master of puns and we are sure that you would agree to this claim of ours once you finish taking a good look at these posts by him.


siddhantkarnickWhat a show he put up.. He deserved a big hand.



siddhantkarnickHanger never Lies



siddhantkarnickZebra crossing is for city folks 
Elephant crossing is for #soloride



siddhantkarnick'humra do bael power hain'



siddhantkarnickMy trainer and good humored friend, prakash. Every other morning he has me in splits.



siddhantkarnickSomewhere hidden is a deersquirrel



siddhantkarnickHorsing around



siddhantkarnickI'm sooooo high


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