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Colour Me, Love!

The most colourful season of the year is just round the corner— Navratri!!! I definitely prefer Navratri than Holi when asked to make a choice between the two festive of colours. Why? Well, it’s that time of the year when you can make your life more colourful—without getting messy!! (Literally! :) Mujhe rang de mujhe rang de ha rang de rang de)

During this time of the year, the atmosphere all around is so joyful that it’s hard not be bitten by the “happiness” bug (such a welcome change from being bitten by the creepy dengue bugs)! But do you know what the best part is? It’s “the colour of the day” ritual. This ritual makes you feel forever youthful (that reminds me forever21 has a sale too—gotta go check it out ;-)). After all, you have to wear clothes of specific colours on each of the 9 days and you find so many people around you dressed in the same colour! Since, everyone’s donning the same coloured clothes, there are no strangers anymore! (Watch out for the creepy guys though)

The Bollywood songs played at the Dandiya-garba events are so high on energy that you just can’t resist shaking a leg. And if dancing isn’t enough, watching others pull off outlandish moves is a must watch (especially the ones who think they are the leading cast straight out of a Rajshri or a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film).

Besides the dance and music, there are a few more things this festival of colours bring out:

1. there’s always one person in every group participating in dandiya raas who injures others rather than dancing to the beats (Ke dholi taro dhol baaje, dhol baaje, dhol baaje, dhol - this song I feel is apt for them as they actually bajao the dhol out of the other person’s fingers and toes!!!!! LOL)

2. There are guys who never shun to sprinkle modest amounts of dandruff from their scalps while pulling off the tattad tattad tattad tattad tattad tattad tattad tattad step!! (Someone really needs to tell them that yeh Ranveer Singh ki zulfe nahi hain boss…..Everybody can’t pull this off!!!!)

3. There’s always this one girl who’s mastered performing on the dandiya tracks and all we got to do is just follow her lead (she is literally our saving grace, for we escape appearing foolish pulling off random dancing steps). But honestly who cares—isn’t dance more fun when you just dance to your heart’s content—remember Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale show propagated by Farah Khan through her film Happy New Year starring our very own King of Romance—Shah Rukh Khan.

Trust me ‘Language of the Heart’ is by far the best. So listen to your heart, dance if you’d like to but if not, then at least attempt to wear the beautiful colours during these 9 days and you will automatically find yourself smiling :)




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