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She Is Having The Time Of Our Life

Everyone loves vacations. But when it comes to celebs, they are grandeur. Apart from visiting the world for film shoots, our favorite Bollywood celebs do find time to go on a vacation where they can just be themselves and be in serenity.

And Sonakshi Sinha is one such celebrity who having the time of her life. After her recently released film Akira received a moderate response, the actress decided to go on a vacation to the beautiful country of Seychelles.

Here are some amazing pics from Sona’s Instagram that will make you feel jealous of her vacation.


1.  Ta da! And here she, just living the moment.



2.  Now that’s how you pose while enjoying yourself in the clean waters of Seychelles.



3.  And here she is, just getting some sun before she submerges herself in deep waters.



4.  Woohoo! Scuba diving and all huh. Have fun babe!


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