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Will Be Jointly Produced In India & Toronto

Justin Trudeau announces the first official Indo-Canadian co production titled A Taj Mahal Love Story.  The official Canadian announcement was quoted saying  “True Space Films (Toronto) and Ekaa Films (Delhi) have signed an agreement to co-produce “A Taj Mahal Love Story,” a full-length feature film with a strong woman empowerment narrative. The film will be shot in India with editing and post-production completed in Toronto”. While Ekaa Films Pvt Ltd is Director Writer Madhureeta Anand’s company who has written and directed A Taj Mahal Love Story, True Space Films belongs to Anu Vittal , a Canada based producer.

With the casting process currently going on A Taj Mahal Love Story will be shot in Agra in September this year.The script has been described as path breaking because it has a strong woman centric theme with a unique screenplay that is quirky and strong at the same time.A lot of the film’s crew will be Canadian and all postproduction will take place there as well.However the story, actors and locations will be Indian – making this a true Indo-Canadian collaboration.


Madhureeta says  “I spent three years researching and writing this script. And so this is a film close to my heart.  Having the Prime Minister of Canada announce it  as a part of the Canadian and Indian government’s joint initiatives is a rare privilege and naturally I’m thrilled. The collaboration with Canada will make this a truly international film and I look forward to crafting it as such.  In today’s world with shrinking box office numbers worldwide, it is imperative that we expand the scope of our films and their audiences. Why limit our films to just Indian audiences? Why not go to people everywhere. But this can only happen if we collaborate internationally and tell our stories to the world” 

 Co producer Anu Vital quotes  “Creative industries are very important to Canadians as culture connectors with the rest of the world . The total contribution of the cultural  Industries is $54.6 Billlion to the GDP of Canada per annum. With this movie we want to tell the story of love with a focus on women empowerment, which is currently a very strong initiative for the Canadian Government as stated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his women’s round table session in Mumbai on Feb 20th, 2018. We believe that the movie will not just tell a story that connects humanity across the world but will also lead to increasing social and cultural capital of both Canada and India."

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