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More Candy For The Sore Eyes

More often than not, we have come across celebrities who have twin brothers or sisters. However, have you ever come across a celebrity whose sibling looks exactly like them? No they aren’t twins, but the similarities are quite shocking. Seriously, take a look at them:


1.Liam and Chris Hemsworth

The Hemsworth brothers are like carbon copies of each other! Even though they are born with a gap of 7 years, one could swear that they look like twins. Don’t you agree?



2.Cameron Diaz and Chimene

Cameron also has a sister called Chimene who is two years elder to her. The resemblance is certainly uncanny! Are you as shocked as we are?



3.Ben and Casey Affleck

Casey and Ben too look similar. Though you can spot one from the other, their smiles are totally identical!



4.Penélope and Mónica Cruz

Seriously, who is who, we are totally confused! Penelope and Monica Cruz look almost the same. Thought Monica is the younger of the two, they almost look like they are the same age.




5.Emma and Alex Watson

Emma and Alex Watson look like they are the same person. They basically look like they are clones! Don’t you think so too? They could totally confuse us.


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