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This Is Why He Is, The Way He Is.

It’s been a few months into 2017 and what we are left with – unfulfilled goals, the same old problems, newer problems, and a hopeless life ahead. Well, that’s what majority of us are going through right now. We are running in a relentless race that leads us nowhere. I know many of you can resonate well with what I wrote before, but what you are about to read now is something that will remind you that life is not full of lemons alone.

Tigmanshu Dhulia belonged to the confused lot and was a wanderer, just like us. Yet, he found out where he belonged and followed his passion. Now, isn’t that an inspirational story, something worth knowing? That’s why I want you guys to read this because his story will empower you to do something with the life you have ahead.



Excerpts from some of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s exclusive interviews.


He didn’t have one thing in mind but was influenced by his family and everything that surrounded him.

“I was brought up in a liberated environment. I have two elder brothers, who, like me, also did theatre. My father and my brothers loved watching films. All this had an effect on me. My siblings had a band, and I followed in their footsteps, and started one of my own. Then I also went on to join drama school. No one ever stopped me.”


And this statement proves that he was not actually a risk taker but a confused individual like us.

“I never thought so much. I belonged to the confused lot that doesn’t end up doing engineering or medicine; the lot that keeps wandering, but ultimately finds their way. I had even thought that I’ll end up doing hotel management if nothing else works out.”


And just like most of us, he doesn’t want to settle for one thing. He wants his opinion to matter and he wants to bring about a change, albeit in his own way.

“I feel weak sometimes, but things get alright in the end. I am politically sound and involved. I would like to be further politically involved [through cinema] in the future. I don’t want to be just a film-maker. I want to be an environmentalist, a political activist, and so many other things. I want to have an opinion, and I want that opinion to influence [people] and make a difference. It could be through my films or any other medium.”


And when things may end, he has a backup plan. Well, guess we should also have one.

“For me art comes before money. I am not in awe of film-making. When I feel I have said all I have to say as a film-maker and reached saturation point, I will leave the industry and join politics.”


Dhulia gives priority to actual issues. So naturally, when it comes to making a film, he took up an issue close to his heart.

“When I see students not bothered about society, it hurts me. Everybody has become complacent. The youth of India are not growing. They have not studied enough, there is no interest in trying to know what our history is, what politics is all about. They reject politics, saying it is 'dirty'. But politics runs you and your country. If it is dirty, we have to do something about it. I had to make a film on this issue.”

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