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That's Really Awful


Veteran actor Tom Alter is currently fighting stage four skin cancer at a Mumbai hospital. The actor, who is known for his various TV shows and theatre work, has been hospitalized since last one week and his condition is stable now, says his son Jamie Alter. Speaking to a news agency, his son Jamie said that the news was shocking to them. He said, "The news is shocking to us and others as even till last month he was actively doing theatre." 

He further said that last year his father got his thumb amputated and there was no sign of illness after that. "It is called squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer). Last year my father had to get his thumb amputated and this year it has again relapsed. There were no symptoms of illness till last week and now we get to know that he is suffering from stage four cancer. At present his condition is stable and he is responding well to the treatment. His vital organs are functioning fine and best doctors from across the country are being consulted," he said. 

Jamie also said that Tom will be in the hospital for another week as doctors will begin his next round of medication. He said, "There has been no real improvement so far, so he might be in the hospital for at least one more week."

We wish for his speedy recovery!

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