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Boy, They Really Get On Your Nerves, Don’t They?

Sometimes you are hired and sometimes fired! It is the way corporate functions and we have to live with it.

Being talented isn’t everything; you need to tolerate every mood of your boss in order to impress him/her. Here are some of the bosses we’ve all survived in our career:


1. The nosy ones

They are always there to poke their long nose in your personal, private and of course, office life.




2. The creepy ones

They’ll pass a personal comment or maybe wink at you and laugh about it, and you’d be wondering what the hell he just did.




3. The ‘I know everything’ ones

Yes, they are official ambassadors of Oxford University and thus know everything!




4. The ‘This could have been better’ ones

They are never satisfied with your performance, maybe because, their boss is never satisfied with theirs.



5. The ‘I don’t care’ ones

All they care about is the salary that gets credited, f#*k the world!




6. The shameless ones

You come up with a brilliant idea and that son of a gun takes away all the credit.




7. The old school

Even if Microsoft launches windows 9, they still want to work on Windows XP.




8. Always runs early from office

“Oh, I have to rush. I have an important meeting with….uhh…. My fiancée!”




9. The philosopher

Nothing defines our reaction but *facepalm*




10. MDH Chaat Masala

These ones kiss their seniors’ asses just to get another promotion.



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