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They All Look Fabulous

‘What to wear, what not to wear’ has been one of the trickiest questions of our life. But guess what, our Hollywood celebs do not need to go through this process, because they have a clear idea of what they want. Perhaps, that’s why they look like a million bucks, no matter what they wear. So to make you look gorgeous just like them, I’ll collate some of the best looks of Hollywood actors every week. This will help you get inspired while letting you keep an eye on current trends.


1. Vanessa Hudgens decided to flaunt this light olive netted dress. Doesn’t it look perfect for a short get away!




2. Amy Schumer looks radiant in this black printed pleated dress. Perfect for a high school reunion night! smiley



3. Demi Lovato is pulling off the all-black look with a denim jacket with quite aplomb! Sometimes simplicity is definitely the best!



4. This black, well fitted cold shoulder dress worn by Eva Longoria is certainly the stuff of our dreams!



5. Ooh La La! Reese Witherspoon certainly knows a lot about studded black dresses. Not everyone can pull this off with grace, but she looks fantastic wearing this. Do you agree?



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