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Having to go through a terminal illness like Cancer, takes a toll on the person suffering from the disease as well as their family members. Invariably, the fight against this disease is quite rough and stressful. From losing hair due to chemotherapy and modifications to one’s lifestyles, one’s appetite too goes for a toss, followed by depression. But ultimately, what gets one out of such a disease, is one’s will to get better, a positive approach and a ‘never-give-up’ attitude! Let’s take a look at some such movies:


Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy (2006): 

This movie is a rock-solid inspirational movie for women suffering from breast cancer all around. The film talks about a confident, successful young woman, Geralyn who needs to undergo mastectomy and reconstruct her breasts due to breast cancer. The film also shows the needs for having to meet and greet with people suffering from your disease. Sharing one another’s feelings, success and fears helps one become more confident in their life. And that’s what the protagonist goes through in the film, while also handling the problems in her marriage due to her illness.


The Bucket List (2007):

This film tells the story of Carter and Edward, a blue collar mechanic and a billionaire hospital magnate respectively! Both suffer from lung cancer and undergo their journey through the disease, together. Carter makes a bucket list of all the things he has always wanted to do and together with Edward, they take a trip to finish everything listed in the bucket list and have a blast! Ultimately Carter dies, but Edward lives a full life reminiscing the time they spent together and also makes his own bucket list! It’s the perfect story of how two ill strangers come together and hit it off beautifully, until the very end!


50/50 (2011):

50/50 is a heart-rending, comedy film about a 27 year old man Adam and his best friend Kyle! The film talks about the adventurous journey that they endure together while Adam successfully gets cured of a tumour in his spine. The key feature of the movie is where Kyle’s behaviour towards Adam and his treatment of Adam, remains the same. It is a true test of their friendship. By the end of it all, Kyle proved to the best friend for Adam by not making him feel ‘different’ because of his disease!


Decoding Annie Parker (2013):

The film revolves around the life of Annie Parker and her constant struggle with breast cancer. A young Annie’s mother dies of breast cancer and a few years later, so does her elder sister. Annie too suffers from this form of hereditary cancer and has to struggle through the disease, thrice! The film shows the difficulties that Annie faces that makes her stronger with each passing phase, along with the importance of support from her closed ones. Simultaneously, the film also talks about the discovery of a cure for Cancer.


The Fault In Our Stars (2014):

The movie deals with the budding relationship of two young cancer patients, Hazel and Augustus. While Hazel suffers from terminal thyroid cancer spread to her lungs, and has to move around with an oxygen tank, Augustus initially suffers from bone cancer that later spreads to his entire body. They fall in love and fulfil their wishes by truly living their life in the little time that they have together. Having experienced their worst and the best time together, ultimately, Augustus dies while Hazel lives on with a new meaning and hope for her life.



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