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The Best Ones Are Here
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In case you want to know more about your favorite Bollywood stars, then we present you some of the best facts that will help you know more about them.


Now this is Vidya’s hidden talent!



We never knew that Taapsee owes those moves to her Kathak days



We wonder how many people he has surprised with his magic tricks.



All Brawny men fight, but Shetty gets a certificate to break bones.



Undoubtedly, these are some of his career best films.



How didn’t we come across this ad before?



Don’t you think he deserves it?



This shows that John indeed is a nice guy.



We wonder if she was her bubbly self during her anchoring days as well.



Now this guy is an inspiration.



All we can say is Deepika got lucky.



Now this is a proud moment for all of us.



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