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Singles & Friendzoned Peeps, We Have One For You As Well

We must say some brands have the funniest taglines that has nothing to do with the brand itself. And there are other times, when the taglines describe the brands so well that they are etched to our minds forever.

Well, we tried using some of the popular taglines to describe our love life. That was close enough to fantasize about love life even though most of us don’t have one.

Well, take a look at our attempt anyway.


1. Every friendzoned guys final pickup line be this…



2. When you tell your friends that you got a Tinder date.



3. When your crush has accepted your friend request but you want it to be more than just that!



4. When your parents arrange your marriage.



5. When you are thinking about breaking up with your boyfriend and your best friend offers you her advice.



6. When you ask your intimacy deprived partner why he booked a room in a hotel.



7. When crush is outside your aukaat but you pursue them anyway.



8. When your crush finally accepts your proposal.



9. When your ex calls in wishing for a rebound.  This is what exactly you feel about yourself.



10. When your ex blocks you everywhere.



11. When your uncle gets a rishta for you from a well to do family.



12. When you tell everything to your friends and they say that you need to reevaluate your love choice.



13. When after multiple heartbreaks, you finally say yes to an arranged marriage proposal. This is what your parents think.



14. When you cross your boyfriend’s credit card limit.



15. When a hot guy crosses your path.


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