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A number of times, we have all discussed what men want and what women want. While we have all pondered over this question, we have never really thought what is really important in a relationship. Here are a few things that are important


1.Sharing And Caring

As cliché as it sounds, sharing your troubles, your successes and your failures is extremely important in a relationship. You need the bond, the comfort, the care and protectiveness of your partner after all, right?





If you can’t be honest with the person you spend your life with, there’s nothing that can save your relationship then.





Of course, it goes without saying that intimacy in a relationship is integral. Everyone has needs and they need to be sated. Period!




4. Absolute Trust

You should be confident enough in your relationship to have complete faith in your better half. Faith is what gets you through the toughest and trickiest of times!




5. Respect

This goes without saying! You need to respect your partner’s wishes, dreams, wants and likes. If you don’t, it says a lot about you than what it says about them!




6. Understanding

You both need to understand each other. Sometimes it’s even more important to understand the unsaid words than the said words! That is the level of understanding a perfect couple needs.





If you aren’t committed in your relationship then what good are you? Seriously!




8. Communication

If you don’t communicate in a relationship, it’s kind of pointless… Don’t you think so? If you don’t communicate, how would you know what’s up with your better half?




9. Independence

Having a relationship doesn’t mean you have to constantly cling to your partner. You need to have your own space and so do they! But make sure that the space doesn’t become as vast as the Universe! :P




10. Love

This is perhaps the first thing that one wants in a relationship, but is often the most ignored one! Love is very important and you need to love the good and bad, both in them.




One such upcoming movie Allied, shows the various stages that a relationship between a man and a woman goes through. Set in the backdrop of a war, this film explores and tests the relationship between the couple which makes it a rather interesting watch. Take a look at the trailer, if you still haven’t.


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