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Bollywood’s Other Side

As an industry, Bollywood is famous for producing a plethora of hummable songs that people around the world love and appreciate. However, there have been times when we have gone wrong and the makers have created some nonsensical songs. Take a look at what they were probably thinking when they made these songs.

PS: This article doesn’t intend to hurt anyone. It’s just for fun. smiley


1. Batata Vada – Hifazat

Probably they were super hungry and could only think about those wonderful vadas that would satiate their hunger! I’m pretty sure the team had a bunch of vada pavs after getting the song recorded! cheeky



2. Hookah Bar – Khiladi 786

Probably they really wanted to smoke some hukkah and couldn’t score one! So they decided to write a song about it. 



3. Kurta Phaad Ke – Anari No 1

May be it was too hot for him to wear clothes in the season and voila, Kurta Phaad Ke! Makes sense, doesn’t it? cheeky




4. Po Po Po – Hera Pheri

No person in their right mind would make such a song, but it did happen, so there’s got to be a reason, right? Looks like someone really needed to go to the loo and therefore, Po Po Po



6. Tandoori Nights - Karzzzz

No points for guessing what the composers were missing, the day they decided to make this song! Tandoori chicken, aur kya



7. Caller Tune – Humshakals

To be honest, we don’t know what the filmmakers were doing whilst making this film, but that’s another story. This song is so bad, that it’s actually good, crass song to dance to! The makers of the song probably couldn’t decide which caller tune to set for their respective numbers and so they created a song about it. 


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