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Why Do The Apes Do What They Do

Third in the series of Plant Of The Apes films, War For The Planet Of The Apes is a film that categorically shows the war between humans and apes, who try to survive in the midst of everything. While the debate of humanity vs apes is a hot topic right now, do you know how this impending war came to be in existence? Well, let’s find out! 


1.Did you know that the apes got smarter because of an experiment that humans did on them to find a cure for Alzheimer’s?

2.The war between the apes and the humans is based on the concept that both of them are trying to save their community!

3.The third film, War For The Planets Of The Apes is the film where the fate of humans and apes on Earth will be decided. Wow that’s quite unnerving.

4.Caesar, who is the leader of the film, is all set to explore his darker side through this film and that means definite and destructive war!

In hindsight, here is a recap of the history of the apes, as we know through this series. Take a look at it before watching War For The Planet Of The Apes.


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